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APOS-EU and APOS-RU are striving to ensure science and industry get more from next-generation supercomputers

The future of high-performance computing means two things: massive parallelism and heterogeneity. Processor manufacturers are adding more and more computational cores onto their CPUs, and HPC vendors are looking to augment these many-core chips with GPU-like accelerators to achieve the next level in number-crunching power. While such developments give scientists the potential to run bigger, faster, and more detailed simulations, there are significant challenges to be overcome before current application codes can exploit these hardware advances.

hmpp_methodology APOS-EU is funded by the European Commission and is in collaboration with a peer project APOS-RU that is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The projects will target a representative suite of simulation codes from the strategically important application areas of seismic modelling, oil- and gas-reservoir simulation, computational fluid dynamics, fusion energy, and molecular dynamics. The expertise and technologies that are developed in the course of this project will form a basis on which the wider scientific community can build, with a view to tackling the challenges of the Exascale computing era.


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